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06 Dec 2019

Introductory course in applied microbial genomics for public health and antimicrobial resistance

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02 Dec 2019

Doherty Institute

Genomics is revolutionising the practice of public health microbiology and epidemiology globally, however, capacity in genomic data analysis is a key limiting factor in implementa-tion of the technology. This course, designed for public health microbiologists and epidemiologists in the Asia-Pacific, will introduce concepts and provide practical experience in the analysis and interpretation of microbial genome data for public health action, with a focus on antimicrobial resistance.


The course will consist of five morning sessions of interactive lectures and four afternoon sessions of practical, computer-based data analysis and inter-pretation at the Doherty Institute in Melbourne, Australia. The course begins with training in the generation and quality control of genome sequence data, followed by the use of genome analysis software such as Artemis and Nullarbor for genome exploration and comparative genomics. 

The course also covers mapping of Illumina sequence data, SNP calling, genome assembly, and annotation, and the basics of identifying genes (or mutations) associated with antibiotic resistance, as well as defining phylogenetic relationships between microbes. In all cases, the course will focus on the skills required to answer questions relevant to public health. The focus of the course is antimicrobial resistance, but will touch on other major themes, including; health care associated infections, environmental infectious diseases, enteric diseases, sexually transmitted infections, tuberculosis, viral diseases and clinical metagenomics.

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The course fee includes registration, accommodation and course dinner. 

  • Standard fee: $1655
  • Low and middle income country subsidised fee: $610