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25 Jul 2019

Creating a climate where health matters

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25 Jul 2019
12.00 - 1.00pm


Fiona Armstrong is the Founder and Executive Director of the Australian coalition of health groups, the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA), and the architect of the Framework for a National Strategy on Climate, Health and Well-being for Australia. At this Doherty Seminar she will speak on Creating a climate where health matters.

Fiona is the lead author of many of CAHA’s reports, including Coal and Health in the Hunter: Lessons from One Valley for the World and Our Uncashed Dividend: The Health Benefits of Climate Action. Fiona in the recipient of the prestigious Tony McMichael Ecology and Environment Award from the Public Health Association of Australia. Fiona is also a co-founder and a director of CLIMARTE: Arts for a Safe Climate, an an independent not-for-profit organisation that harnesses the creative power of the arts to inform, engage and inspire action on climate change.

In this lecture she will examine 

  • The health impacts of climate change in Australia and globall
  • The science of climate change communication using a health frame
  • Opportunities for a healthier population through climate action 
  • Actions being taken to respond - through climate-health policy, in healthcare, and elsewhere