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An undergraduate degree is your first degree at university. The University of Melbourne’s undergraduate degrees are internationally recognised, flexible programs that open doors to an outstanding future.

At the undergraduate level, the Doherty Institute is home to the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, which delivers specialised courses in bacteriology, virology and immunology along with more generalist infection and immunity subjects. 

Also at the undergraduate level, the Department of Infectious Diseases has partnered with the Melbourne Veterinary School and the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health to offer the undergraduate interdisciplinary breadth subjects UNIB10017 Our Planet, Our Health and UNIB20020 Collaborative Animal, Human & Eco-Health

These cross-disciplinary subjects draw on the Doherty’s expertise in public and global health, and broad collaborative vision. The Our Planet, Our Health subjects will be of interest to first, second and third-year students who plan to complete a major in an area related to infection and immunity, including disease impacts, and also to students who have a more general interest in integrated One Health approaches to complex societal challenges.

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