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What is Honours?

Honours is a fourth-year undergraduate course that consists of a combination of a research project and coursework subjects. The course is designed to develop the student’s capacity to solve problems, analyse data, read and think critically, and communicate clearly.

Honours can give you a taste of what working as a scientist would be like as a career, allows you to demonstrate academic excellence in an area of special interest to you, and provides an entry point for further research higher degree study, such as a PhD. These skills are highly sought after by employers in biological, medical and industrial areas.

What are the entry requirements?

To be considered for entry, applicants must have completed a suitable undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Biomedicine, Bachelor of Science or equivalent) with a major in a relevant discipline with a WAM (weighted average mark) of at least H3 (65%) or equivalent. However, nearly all students entering Honours in Microbiology and Immunology obtain a WAM of at least 73%.

Students who have completed or are due to complete a Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne should apply to complete Biomedicine Honours. Students who have completed or are due to complete a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne or an equivalent course at another institution should apply to complete Science Honours. Meeting the minimum Faculty level is not a guarantee of admission and students must be accepted by a supervisor before entry into the course.

How long is Honours?

Honours is a one-year course consisting of 75 points of research and 25 points of coursework that commences mid-February and finishes in November.

How to apply

Visit the School of Biomedical Sciences website

Visit the School of Biomedical Sciences website for Honours application information.


Honours Coordinators

Associate Professor Scott Mueller

Ph: (03) 8344 9044

Email: [email protected]

Professor Damian Purcell

Ph: (03) 8344 6753

Email: [email protected]

Dr Amy Chung

Ph: (03) 8344 9938

Email: [email protected]

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