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Project: Understanding the heterogeneity of intestinal resident memory T cells (TRMs) and their role in homeostasis

Kallies Group

In this project, we aim to identify mechanisms that regulate the development and heterogeneity of TRM cells in the intestine. Using novel genetic tools and various infection models, we aim to identify the function of TRM in regulating microbiota composition and intestinal homeostasis during homeostasis and disease.  

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Project Supervisor

Dr Kevin Man

Project Co-supervisor

Professor Axel Kallies

Project availability
Master of Biomedical Science

Kallies Group

3 vacancies

Viral Infectious Diseases
Bacterial and Parasitic Infections
Cross Cutting Disciplines
Clinical and health systems research

Our group has done pioneering work in understanding the role of immune cells in infection, metabolic diseases and cancer. In particular, our laboratory has discovered key molecules and pathways that regulate the differentiation and function of immune cells such as regulatory T cells, CD8+ T cells and B cells in viral infection, cancer and type 2 diabetes.