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Project: Setting up house for norovirus replication

Mackenzie Group

Within this project you will use molecular and cellular biology, protein expression and analysis, combined with tissue culture and virus infections to elucidate how noroviruses induce a cellular renovation to enable their replication. Methods employed will be RNAi, CRISPR, tissue culture, virus infection, high resolution imaging. The outcome of the project will reveal how highly infectious viruses highjack host components to enable their replication and survival in the cells they infect

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Project Supervisor

Professor Jason Mackenzie

Project availability
Master of Biomedical Science

Mackenzie Group

2 vacancies

Viral Infectious Diseases
Host Pathogens Interactions
Cross Cutting Disciplines
Discovery Research

The Mackenzie Group investigates the intracellular replication of flaviviruses and noroviruses to understand how replication influences cellular functions and immune dysfunction. In particular, the influences viral replication imparts on metabolic and stress pathways that ultimately lead to immune regulation and dysfunction. We aim to use this knowledge to develop prevention and treatment options against these highly pathogenic viruses.

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