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Project: Reno rumble: how flaviviruses remodel the intracellular architecture of infected cells

Mackenzie Group

Infection with flaviviruses (dengue, Zika and West Nile viruses) results in an amazing remodelling of the cytoplasmic membrane architecture. This ‘reno rumble’ indices the formation of virus organelles that comprise the virus replication complex that facilitates efficient virus replication and innate immune evasion. We aim to understand how this remodelling occurs and utilising green fluorescent protein-tagged viruses we will visualise membrane remodelling over real time, with epi-fluorescent video capture. This will enable us to understand how this process occurs, and utilising specific virus mutants we can determine the viral factors that contribute to this process. 

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Project Supervisor

Professor Jason Mackenzie 

Project Co-supervisor

Turgut Aktepe 

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Mackenzie Group

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The Mackenzie group investigates how viruses interact with the cells they infect. In particular the molecular and cellular processes that are manipulated by flaviviruses (dengue, Zika and West Nile viruses) and noroviruses for their own gain. We aim to understand how the intracellular events of virus replication result in innate immune evasion and ultimately how the consequences of infection result in a diseased state. Answering these questions will guide and inform us of areas for antiviral therapeutic development.