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Project: Microbial changes following pneumococcal conjugate vaccination

Satzke Group

Pneumococci are a major global pathogen. Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCVs) protect against a subset of pneumococcal serotypes. Introduction of PCVs result in major changes to pneumococcal epidemiology and to the microbiota more broadly. In this project, you will examine nasopharyngeal samples and isolates collected from children from vaccine studies in low-income settings from the Asia-Pacific region. You will apply traditional and molecular microbiology approaches including culture and serotyping, qPCR, DNA microarray, whole-genome sequencing and antimicrobial resistance testing. Your results will inform vaccine strategies world-wide.

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Project Supervisor

Associate Professor Catherine Satzke

Project Co-supervisor

Dr Sam Manna

Project availability
Master of Biomedical Science

Satzke Group

2 vacancies

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Global Health
Translational and Clinical Research

The Satzke group conducts research in a clinically-relevant context. We focus on the microbiology of two pathogens of major global health importance (pneumococcus and group A streptococcus) to understand their pathogenesis, interaction with viruses, and how infections can be best prevented with vaccines. We collaborate closely with immunologists, clinicians and epidemiologists, including in countries in the Asia-Pacific region, to facilitate translation and global impact.

Our laboratory also has the resources and expertise to adapt flexibly depending on the findings you generate throughout the year, or to additional COVID-19 restrictions. These include access to clinical and laboratory isolates, clinical samples, and bioinformatics expertise.

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