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Project: Influenza epidemiology in the Northern Territory - analyses of linked datasets

Tong Group

There is a disproportionate burden of influenza upon Indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory (NT) with regards to incidence of diagnoses. However, the broader impact of influenza is not well understood within the context of a geographically dispersed population in the tropical and arid regions of the NT. We have linked all influenza tests (with positive and negative results) performed in the NT from 2007 to 2015 to primary care and hospital administrative datasets and the NT Immunisation registry. This project would suit a student with a desire to develop and apply skills in analyses of a large linked dataset to address questions of the impact of influenza on primary and tertiary level presentations; the economic cost of influenza; understanding testing patterns over time; and assessing the influence of remoteness, ethnicity, comorbidities and climate upon influenza diagnoses and related outcomes.

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Project Supervisor

Associate Professor Steven Tong

Project Co-supervisor

Associate Professor Sheena Sullivan

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Master of Biomedical Science

Tong Group

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Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infections
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The Tong group encompasses a multi-disciplinary group crossing bacterial and viral genomics, epidemiology, Indigenous health and clinical trials. We are committed to improving Indigenous health with partners in northern Australia, and developing capacity for conducting multi-centre clinical trials using novel methodologies. At the Doherty Institute, we collaborate extensively with the epidemiology and mathematical modelling groups, and the Doherty Applied Microbial Genomics team.