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Project: Inferring superspreading events in infectious outbreaks using pathogen genome data

Duchene Group

This project will use known outbreaks of SARS-CoV-2 and HIV to design epidemiological models that can identify the extent to which infectious spread is driven by superspreading individuals or groups of individuals. The techniques will involve Bayesian phylodynamics analyses, with an option for deep learning methods. 

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Project Supervisor

Dr Sebastian Duchene

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Master of Biomedical Science

Duchene Group

1 vacancies

Viral Infectious Diseases
Cross Cutting Disciplines
Computational Science and Genomics
Global Health

We analyse genome sequence data from infectious pathogens to understand their evolution and spread. Our work combines knowledge in genomics, epidemiology, evolutionary biology and statistics. Although we rely on genome sequence data, the nature of this work is entirely computational (dry lab).

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