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Project: Impact of seasonal malaria chemoprevention on drug resistance biomarkers and antigenic diversity

Day group

This project will investigate the impact of the seasonal malaria chemoprevention intervention occurring during our longitudinal study in the Bongo District of Ghana.  The project will use molecular biology and bioinformatics to investigate the impact of the intervention on drug resistance biomarkers and antigenic diversity of the malaria parasite.

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Project Supervisor

Professor Karen Day

Project Co-supervisor

Dr Kathryn Tiedje

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Day group

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The Day group are a multidisciplinary malaria research group studying the role that human variation and parasite diversity play in modulating the dynamics of chronic infection, and in influencing susceptibility to disease and regulation of transmission from human to mosquito.  The lab is also interested in the ability of malaria parasites to sense their environment by quorum sensing mechanisms to regulate the density of multiple Plasmodium spp infections as well as to initiate the production of transmission stages.