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Project: Harnessing cell death to fight infections

Bedoui Group

Infections with intracellular pathogens remain a major human health burden. Although programmed host cell death is thought to play an important role in controlling these pathogens, defects in individual pathways of programmed cell death (i.e. pyroptosis, necroptosis, apoptosis) often only cause minor defects in the control of such infections. This is likely related to redundancy that evolved in response to pathogen evasion strategies, which allows the host to compensate for evasion of one pathway through the activation of another. This project will translate these novel insights to a variety of infections and will test if targeting cell death pathways through novel drugs could provide an alternative way of fighting infections, particularly with pathogens of pandemic potential.

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Project Supervisor

Prof Sammy Bedoui

Project Co-supervisor

Dr Annabell Bachem

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Bedoui Group

2 vacancies

Bacterial and Parasitic Infections
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Discovery Research

The Bedoui group uses models of viral and bacterial infections to study how the innate and the adaptive immune systems interact. Key foci are to understand how innate cells sense pathogens and how this information is integrated into T cell responses that control infections and cancer.​