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Project: Exosomes – a role in influenza virus defence

Wakim group

Exosomes (EV) are extracellular vesicles secreted by cells that have an important biological function in intercellular communication. A role for EV in antimicrobial defence has recently emerged, however little is known regarding the nature of EV, particularly during an active viral infection. We found that during an influenza virus infection, the body releases EV into the airways which changed their protein composition over the course of the infection. The functional relevance of these vesicles and whether they have antiviral actions that can modulate the course of the infection is not known and will be explored in this research project. 

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Project Supervisor

Dr Linda Wakim

Project Co-supervisor

Professor Patrick Reading

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Master of Biomedical Science

Wakim group

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Cross Cutting Disciplines

The Wakim group research focus is understanding how T cells resident along the respiratory tract can be utilised to protect against influenza virus infection. Our main focus is to characterise the influenza virus fighting T cells in the lung and nasal tissue, identify factors important in their differentiation and longevity, and optimise approaches to lodge these highly protective T cells along the respiratory tract with the intent to improve influenza vaccine design and efficacy.