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Research Projects

Project: Establishing the determinants of fluctuating incidence of exotic arboviruses in Victoria

Arboviral diseases are notifiable in Victoria, even if they are acquired overseas. This project will examine the epidemiology of exotic (overseas acquired) arboviral diseases in Victoria, such as dengue, chikungunya and/or Zika viruses. To establish the determinants of changes in notification incidence, we will analyse data relating to arboviral disease surveillance (Department of Health and Human Services), travel patterns (Australian Bureau of Statistics) and disease incidence (various sources) for countries where these diseases are acquired. Findings will allow us to understand when and where exotic arboviral diseases are likely to be acquired, and to develop appropriately timed public health warnings for clinicians and travellers.

This project would suit a student with analytic skills, familiarity with a statistical program (e.g. Stata), and an interest in infectious disease epidemiology and public health.

Project Supervisor

Dr Katherine Gibney

Project Co-supervisor

Anna-Lena Arnold 

Project availability