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Project: Discovery of novel targets to enhance tissue resident immunity

Mackay, Laura Group

Generation of optimal immunotherapies requires the generation of effective T cell responses. A unique subset of T cells called tissue-resident memory T (TRM) cells permanently exists within tissues of the body where they form a front-line defence against pathogens, as well as immune defence against various cancers. However, targeting TRM cells is currently difficult, as their developmental requirements are only partially understood. Using sophisticated genetic approaches, this project will investigate novel gene targets and molecular pathways that may be harnessed therapeutically, and this knowledge will be applied to TRM cell vaccine design to enhance protection against infectious disease and cancer. 

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Project Supervisor

Dr Laura Mackay

Project Co-supervisor

Dr Maximillien Evrard

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Master of Biomedical Science

Mackay, Laura Group

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Viral Infectious Diseases
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Discovery Research

Research in the Mackay group has shown that specialised immune cells, called resident memory T cells, are critically important for protection against infection. These immune cells live in body tissues, where they stand guard at sites of pathogen invasion to directly combat infection. Within the Mackay lab, we aim to greatly enhance our fundamental understanding of resident memory T cell biology, and how these cells protect against disease. By learning to control these immune cells we can harness their protective function, with the ultimate goal of translating our basic discovery research into novel treatments for infectious disease, cancer and autoimmune disease. 

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