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Project: Development of cell-based potency assays using Ready-To-Use cells approach

Bioassay group

Cell-based potency assays are pivotal test required during development of new drugs. Development of such assays is elaborate, time consuming and requires high standards for assay accuracy, precision, and robustness. Currently, cell lines are kept in continuous cultures for potency assays. The development of cell-based potency assays using frozen aliquots of ready-to-use-cells has the potential to reduce assay variability and cost and increase assay consistency. This project will focus on optimizing cell freezing conditions for a variety of adherent and suspension immortalized cell lines. This project will also include cell line characterization by monitoring cell growth, critical cell surface receptors, cell viability and evaluation of potency assay performance.

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Project Supervisor

Dr. Albert Garcia-Minambres, CSL

Project Co-supervisor

Dr. Lucy Sullivan, Doherty Institute

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Master of Biomedical Science

Bioassay group

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Public Health

CSL is the largest pharmaceutical company in Australia with a focus on research, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative biotherapies focusing on rare and serious diseases.

The Bioassay group sits in the Bioanalytical Sciences Department within the Recombinant Product Development division (Parkville). The overall aim of this group is to develop fit-for-purpose cell-based assays to support clinical trials and for the functional characterization of new products.

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