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Project: Developing germinal centre organoids for antibody maturation

Juno Group

In this project, we will develop in vitro germinal centre organoids that allow B cells to produce high quality antibodies against viral glycoproteins. Using human or mouse B cells and T cells, we will test different approaches to (cell culture, nanogels, etc) to form lymph node-like organoids that can be vaccinated against antigens including influenza and coronaviruses 

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Project Supervisor

Dr Jennifer Juno

Project Co-supervisor

Dr Wen Shi Lee

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Juno Group

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Viral Infectious Diseases
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The Juno group is interested in the biogenesis of CD4 T follicular helper cells and their capacity to promote high quality antibody responses following infection or vaccination. Our major focus is immunity to viral infections such as influenza, SARS-CoV-2 and HIV. The lab uses a combination of human clinical samples and pre-clinical animal models to understand the phenotypic and functional characteristics of diverse CD4 T cell populations.