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Project: Defining the reactogenic properties of influenza vaccines

Kedzierska group

Vaccination walks a fine line between potency and reactogenicity. We recently identified that influenza B viruses within the current influenza vaccines have the potential to trigger cytokine production contributing to the adverse events that occur post vaccination. This project provides the opportunity to conduct bioinformatics analysis of influenza genes, create influenza viruses by molecular rescue that comprise genes from different subtypes, culture, purify and test these viruses for their reactogenic potential. The information will be used to help develop less reactogenic influenza vaccines. Work will be conducted at both the Doherty Institute and Seqirus. 

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Project Supervisor

Professor Katherine Kedzierska 

Project Co-supervisor

Associate Professor Steven Rockman, Marios Koutsakos 

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Master of Biomedical Science

Kedzierska group

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The Kedzierska group has a strong international profile in human immunology, with a major focus on universal broadly-protective T cell immunity to seasonal, pandemic and avian influenza viruses. The main goals are to identify key correlates of severe and fatal influenza disease in high-risk groups, and to understand mechanisms underlying generation of optimal immunity to influenza viruses in young children, adults, the elderly, pregnant women, hospitalised patients and Indigenous Australians. Our studies intend to improve vaccine and therapeutic designs to protect against severe influenza, with possible applications to other infectious diseases and tumours. 

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