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Project: Creating a reporting process for defining an outlier hospital within the National Antimicrobial Prescribing Survey

The National Antimicrobial Prescribing Survey (NAPS) (a collaboration between NCAS and the Guidance Group at Royal Melbourne Hospital) is a standardised auditing tool. It facilitates effective audit and review of antimicrobial use in hospitals, including compliance with prescribing guidelines and appropriateness, and aids in identifying key targets for interventions.

Since the launch of the survey in 2013, over 450 hospitals have contributed to the database and the data has contributed to local, state and territory, and national antimicrobial prescribing strategies. Hospitals enter data through a web-portal and download customised reports into the appropriateness of their antimicrobial use, and are able to benchmark their data against other facilities. Currently there is no ability to determine if hospitals are outliers when it comes to their prescribing practices, or if individual specialties, antimicrobials or indications for use within a hospital are outliers. The aim of this project would be to design a reporting mechanism to determine outlier data for specified key performance indictors.

This project would suit students with analytical skills, familiarity with statistical software such as Stata or R, and an interest in understanding how quality key performance indicator data are used, understood and reported.

Project Supervisor

Dr Rod James (NCAS, at the Doherty Institute) and Kylie Carville (Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory, at the Doherty Institute). 

Contact: Rod James

Project availability
Master of Biomedical Science