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Project: Camera 2 Study

Tong Group

We are looking for EOI for an ID / microbiology fellow to conduct follow-on studies from CAMERA2 as part of a PhD. CAMERA2 was a randomised controlled trial that compared standard therapy with standard therapy plus an anti-staphylococcal β-lactam for MRSA bacteraemia. Results were presented at ECCMID 2019 (see here).

There are several planned sub-studies and new studies that the PhD candidate could take on – some examples are below, but the candidate would have the chance to shape the proposal according to their interests. We have funded statistician support for these studies. Please direct enquiries to Steven Tong ([email protected]) or Joshua Davis ([email protected]).

This would suit a medical doctor who is interested in clinical research and who is training in infectious diseases, microbiology, renal medicine or related fields. The PhD position could be based in Melbourne, Newcastle or Darwin. A full-time candidate is preferred. Supervision would be by Steven Tong (see his Google Scholar page), and Josh Davis (see his Google Scholar page).

Renal toxicity related questions:

  1. Literature review +/- systematic review of renal toxicity of β-lactam agents
  2. CAMERA2 sub-studies
    1. Correlates of AKI in CAMERA2 patients
    2. Long term renal and general outcomes of CAMERA2 patients with and without AKI
  3. Prospective observational studies of renal function

    1. novel markers of renal injury in a cohort of patients with SAB
    2. novel markers of renal injury in a cohort of patients receiving β-lactam agents
  4. Studies of animal models of β-lactam related nephrotoxicity

Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia related questions:

  1. CAMERA2 sub-studies
    1. Predictors of mortality
    2. Validation of prediction scores for SAB such as PREDICT, VIRSTA, Holmes, Pitt Bacteraemia Score.
    3. Applying Desirability of Outcome Ranking endpoints
    4. Outcomes and responses to therapy stratified by S. aureus genotype
  2. Methodologies and design of domains for the Staphylococcus aureus Network Adaptive Platform (SNAP) trial

    1. Develop surveys for prioritisation of questions and acceptable non-inferiority margins for specific treatment domains

PK/PD sub-studies for β-lactam agents (IV and oral

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Project Supervisor

Associate Professor Steven Tong 
Professor Josh Davies 

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The Tong group encompasses a multi-disciplinary group crossing bacterial and viral genomics, epidemiology, Indigenous health and clinical trials. We are committed to improving Indigenous health with partners in northern Australia, and developing capacity for conducting multi-centre clinical trials using novel methodologies. At the Doherty Institute, we collaborate extensively with the epidemiology and mathematical modelling groups, and the Doherty Applied Microbial Genomics team.