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Doherty Institute PhD Program

What is the Doherty Institute PhD Program?

The Doherty Institute PhD Program offers graduate research students to supplement their primary research project with a range of professional development activities. This professional development includes specialized training to equip graduate students with a broad set of skills, knowledge, and competence for employment opportunities beyond the pure research environment. Activities are provided as workshops, seminars, informal learning sessions, or by conducting an internship as part of your PhD with one of our leading industry partners.

What are the benefits of joining?

The Doherty Institute PhD Program provides an innovative and engaging training environment for graduate research students. This multidisciplinary program will offer PhD candidates first class research training in their primary discipline, with the additional breadth of real-world experiences and training opportunities beyond their immediate research topic. Our workshops target the skills that are valued in the job market and prepare students to make informed choices about their future career path. This powerful combination of training and development will give graduates a competitive advantage to establish fulfilling and influential careers across academia and beyond.

  • Research excellence: learn from global leaders in infection and immunity with access to high calibre facilities to maximise your graduate research student experience.  
  • Enhanced employability: our multidisciplinary approach to professional development and learning better prepares you for future employment.
  • Being part of a community: connect with like-minded students and build confidence engaging with others, as well as to encourage and advise fellow students.

How to join?

All Doherty Institute students who are enrolled for a PhD through the University of Melbourne have the opportunity to participate in the Doherty Institute PhD Program. Contact the PhD Programs Officer for more information.


Doherty PhD Program Co-Directors

Professor Richard (Dick) Strugnell

Ph: +61 (03) 8344 5712
Email: [email protected]

Professor Tim Stinear

Ph: +61 (03) 8344 5693
Email: [email protected]