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Meet the experts – from students for students

Choosing the right place to study is one of the most difficult questions many students have to make before committing to a degree of their choice.

The Doherty Institute is home to students from all over the world, with different backgrounds, interests and motivations. We have asked our current students to give us a glimpse into their life, to tell us about their student experience and why they have made the Doherty Institute their choice to study. Click on respective profile listings to find out what they had to say.

Abdalla Ali

Lab: Lewin/Cameron

Supervisor(s): Professor Sharon Lewin, Professor Damian Purcell, Dr Jori Symons, Professor Frank Caruso and Christina Cortez

Project: Nanoparticle delivery of molecular agents to tackle HIV latency

Aji Istadi

Lab: Jackson

Supervisor(s): Professor David Jackson and Dr Brendon Chua

Project: Enhancing T cell immunity to infectious diseases and cancer

Meiyu Hu

Lab: Reading Group, Brooks Group

Supervisor(s):  Professor Patrick Reading, Dr Sarah Londrigan, Joel Ma, Professor Andrew Brooks

Project: Investigating the antiviral activity of guanylate-binding proteins (GBP) in influenza A virus infection

Michael Souter

Lab: Godfrey and McCluskey

Supervisor(s): Dr Daniel Pellicci, Dr Sidonia Eckle, Professor James McCluskey, Professor Dale Godfrey

Project: To investigate the role of unconventional T cells in health and disease settings

Simone Nüssing

Lab: Kedzierska and Turner lab

Supervisor(s): Professor Katherine Kedzierska, Stephen J. Turner, Dr Bridie Clemens, Brendan E. Russ

Project: The role of SATB1 in virus-specific CD8+ T cell mediated immunity