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Navneet Kaur

Meet our graduate researchers - Navneet Kaur

Research title: Structural and Functional Characterisation of the WalK histidine kinase from Staphylococcus aureus 

McDevitt Group 

Started PhD studies in 2019 but joined McDevitt lab in 2020.  


What and where did you study before your PhD?  

I did my Masters in Chemistry and Biochemistry from Texas. I then took a break for a year, got married and spent time with my family.  


What made you decide to undertake a PhD at the Doherty Institute?  

My decision to undertake a PhD was majorly influenced by the research project at the McDevitt group. The significance of this study in the context of antibiotic resistance of pathogenic bacteria really intrigued me.  


When do you hope to complete and what are your plans post-PhD? 

I am aiming to complete my research work and submit my thesis by March 2023. I plan on getting into the Pharma industry (regulatory/scientific affairs) with the knowledge that I have gathered doing research.  


What advice do you have for someone who is considering a PhD?  

I would suggest that you find a project that you are really interested in and also get a clear picture of the lab culture and find a supervisor you can connect with. I would also suggest taking a break after your bachelors/honours before getting into a PhD program.  

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