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Charlie Higgs

Meet our graduate researchers - Charlie Higgs

Research title: The application of whole genome sequencing to the understanding, surveillance, and control of antimicrobial resistant bacteria in Australia

Howden Group 

Started PhD studies in 2019 


What and where did you study before your PhD?  

After I completed my undergraduate degree at The University of Melbourne, I took a year off and worked at the Victorian Department of Health. I then decided I wanted to come back and do an honours year. After which I was a research assistant for a year and then I started my PhD (all with the same research group at the Doherty Institute).

I think taking some time inbetween these degrees was a great decision. It made me more sure of what I wanted to do and having professional experience meant that I was better prepared for the change in learning style from undergraduate to postgraduate.  


What made you decide to undertake a PhD at the Doherty Institute?  

Completing undergraduate at the University of Melbourne I was aware of the great reputation of the Doherty. I knew I wanted to do a project that was very public health implementation driven and the group I am with is great at translating research into outcomes.  


When do you hope to complete and what are your plans post-PhD?  

I hope to be finished by mid 2023 and move into an industry or government position that allows me to keep the research elements that I love but also has a bit more security than academia.  


What advice do you have for someone who is considering a PhD?  

Choosing your supervisor and research group is more important than the project. You will be spending a long time with these people so it is important that you have compatible styles of working and get along. The best project in the world can soon turn sour if you butt heads with your supervisory team.  

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