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Dr Amy Chung

Dr Amy Chung obtained her PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2011, researching antibody responses against HIV. She then moved to Boston, USA, where she completed a postdoctoral under the mentorship of Associate Professor Galit Alter at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard, studying HIV vaccine induced antibody responses. Amy returned to the University of Melbourne in 2015, where she works in Professor Stephen Kent’s laboratory and is currently focused on studying functional antibody responses against multiple different infectious diseases including HIV, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and influenza.

  • Key Achievements
    • Amy was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award to complete her PhD, followed by an American Australian Association Fellowship, National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) CJ Martin Fellowship, as well as a MGH Medical Discovery Fellowship to conduct her postdoctoral research at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard. Amy has published a number of peer reviewed research articles in high impact journals, including primary author publications in Cell, Science Translational Medicine and PNAS.

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    Research Groups
    • Kent Group

      Stephen’s group studies immunity to HIV and influenza. They are analysing a variety of vaccine strategies, including nanoparticle-based vaccines. They are studying a series of immune responses to gain better insights into protective immunity to important viral pathogens.

      Lab Team

      Kent Group

      • Dr Robert De Rose
        Senior Research Officer
      • Dr Marit Kramski
        Research Officer
      • Dr Wendy Winnall
        Research Officer
      • Dr Matt Parsons
        Research Officer
      • Dr Amy Chung
        Research Officer
      • Dr Adam Wheatley
        Research Officer
      • Sheilajen (Vinca) Alcantara
        Technical Assistant
      • Megan Schepers
      • Thakshila Amarasena
        Technical Assistant
      • Jane Batten
      • Shayarana Gooneratne
        Research Assistant
      • Joshua Glass
        PhD Student
      • Wen Shi Lee
        PhD Student
      • Vijaya Madhavi
        PhD Student
      • Fernanda Ana-Sosa Batiz
        PhD Student
      • Hyon-Xhi Tan
        PhD Student
      • Kevin John Selva
        PhD Student
      • Hillary Vanderven
        PhD Student
      • Matthew Worley
        PhD Student
      • Anne Kristensen
        MSc Student
      • William Lay
        3rd Undergraduate Student
      • Jennifer Juno
      • Kuangyu Fei
        Masters student
      • Hannah Kelly
        Research Assistant