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    • HIV and co-infections

      Co-infections with viral or bacterial pathogens cause significant morbidity in patients with HIV. In the case of HIV/HBV co-infection, morbidity and mortality secondary to liver disease is greatly increased compared to those infected with HBV or HIV alone. Mortality remains elevated even after treating both the HIV and HBV virus. The HBV Immunology Lab investigates the mechanism of how HIV can accelerate liver disease in patients co-infected with HBV. They hypothesise that this occurs by combined effects of HIV and HBV on inflammation in the liver. These studies could potentially lead to new treatments for liver disease. In addition they have a long-standing interest in developing novel assays to characterise the immune response to other important HIV co-infections, including cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Cryptococcus.

    Lab Team

    Lewin/Cameron Group

    • Associate Professor Paul Cameron
      Joint Lab head
    • Dr Jasminka Sterjovski
      Research Manager
    • Julia Stout
      Project Manager
    • Dr Jennifer Audsley
      Post-doctoral Research Fellow
    • Dr Jenny Anderson
      Post-doctoral Research Fellow
    • Dr Vanessa Evans
      Post-doctoral Research Fellow
    • Dr Renee van de Sluis
      Post-doctoral Research Fellow
    • Dr Jori Symons
      Post-doctoral Research Fellow
    • Dr Michael Roche
      Post-doctoral Fellow
    • Ajantha Rhodes
      Lab Manager
    • Surekha Tennakoon
      Research Officer
    • Ashanti Dantanarayana
      Research Assistant
    • Simin Rezaei
      PhD student
    • Dr Kasha Singh
      PhD student
    • Talia Mota
      PhD student
    • Dr Michelle Yong
      PhD student
    • Dr Matthew Pitman
      PhD student
    • Youry Kim
      PhD student
    • Zuwena Richardson
      PhD student
    • Ashish Nair
      Casual RA
    • Haoming Liu
    • Wei Zhao
      Research Fellow
    • Jared Stern
      Honours Student