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    • Blood-borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections surveillance and research program

      Surveillance for hepatitis B indicators

      3-year project, 1 July 2016 – 30 June 2019

      A key aspect of Australia’s National Hepatitis B Strategy 2014-2017 is the identification of specific measurable aims and targets, including increasing the proportion of people living with chronic hepatitis B who have been diagnosed, increasing treatment uptake, and reducing the burden of attributable morbidity and mortality. Measuring progress towards these objectives will allow for identification of priority areas for improvement, and assessment of progress over time in order to shape the public health and policy response to hepatitis B.  This project aims to develop disease burden estimation and mathematical modelling approaches to inform the surveillance, monitoring and evaluation of progress towards achieving the objectives of the Second National Hepatitis B Strategy 2014-2017. 

    • The National Viral Hepatitis Mapping Project

      Estimates of chronic hepatitis B and C prevalence, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment 

      Chronic hepatitis B and C has an uneven distribution in Australia, clustering in particular geographic areas and disproportionately affecting priority populations, such as those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Identification of areas of increased burden and reduced access to care supports the delivery of programmatic responses to those areas and populations with the highest need.  This project aims to generate geographically specific estimates of the burden of chronic hepatitis B and C, access to diagnosis, care and treatment, and the incidence of adverse outcomes, to allow identification of high-burden areas and measurement of progress in improving outcomes for people affected. 

    • Liver Cancer Prevention

      Linking viral hepatitis diagnosis, treatment and outcomes

      Through health record linkage, combining notifications of viral hepatitis diagnosis, liver cancer diagnoses, hospitalisations, and deaths, as well as records of services provided through the Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits programs, this project will develop an accurate picture of the burden of viral hepatitis in Victoria, and measure the impact of care and treatment at a population level as a cancer prevention strategy. By examining the current level of access to care, and measuring the effectiveness of treatment received in preventing liver cancer, this research will guide clinical and public health policy and help address the increasing burden of liver cancer in Australia. 

    • Victorian Enhanced Viral Hepatitis Surveillance Project

      On behalf of and in collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services, the Enhanced Viral Hepatitis Surveillance Project aims to simplify the process of chronic hepatitis B and C notification in Victoria, to increase notification data completeness and improve and inform public health and policy responses. The project also aims to increase clinicians’ awareness and engagement regarding viral hepatitis, improving care and prevention access for those diagnosed, increase vaccine ordering and improving the ability to identify cases of chronic viral hepatitis with potential public health significance. 

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    Current projects

    • Hepatitis HIV

      A surveillance program for the detection of hepatitis B virus (HBV) resistance to tenofovir (TDF) in HIV-HBV co-infected patient

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    • Hepatitis

      Characterising Hepatitis B in northern Australia through Molecular epidemiology - longitudinal cohort study

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    • Hepatitis

      Liver Cancer Prevention: linking viral hepatitis diagnosis, treatment and outcomes

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    • Hepatitis HIV

      Long-term persistence of HIV in the liver and the clinical impact on HIV-HBV co-infection (CHHANEL)

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    • Hepatitis HIV

      Towards a Functional cure for HBV: exploiting lessons from HBV-HIV co-infection

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